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NESCA Track Records

All records are backed up within 1 %. 

30-Nov-19 Super Pro Stock

New rules: On 11/30/19 Andy A. set the Super Pro Stock E.T. and mph records with an 8.749 @ 58.98 mph.

Old rules: On 10/9/15 Scott M. reset the Super Pro Stock record at  9.776 at OCR. On 10/9/15 Scott M. reset the Super Pro Stock mph record at 55.34 at OCR. 

05-Nov-17 Nostalgia Funny Car

On 11/04/17 at  NESCA of OC Conrad G. reset the nostalgia funny car E.T. record at 10.248. On 5/9/15 Dickie N. set the mph record in nostalgia funny car at 54.28 mph at NESCA of OC.

22-Mar-15 D/Stock Econo

On 3/17/17 at NESCA of OC Raceway, Vinnie Sr. reset the D/Stock track record with a 9.915 pass with his green 69 Camaro. On 5/2/2015 Conrad G. reset the mph record in D/Stock to 55.16 mph.  All records were backed up witin 1% on the day of the event.

16-Aug-13 Nostalgia

On 10/27/13 at Orange County Raceway, Vinnie Jr. reset the Nostalgia E.T. record at 10.047. On 10/27/13, Vinnie Jr. also reset the mph record at 54.81 mph at Orange County Raceway.

16-Aug-13 Supercar Eliminator

 On 6/7/14 Jimmy E. reset the Supercar Eliminator record at 11.313 at Orange County Raceway with his copper Ford Mustang. On 2/23/14 Jason L. reset the Supercar Eliminator mph reord at 52.61 mph at Orange County Raceway with his black Chevy Camaro.

09-Mar-13 Pro Stock/Econo

On 3/30/2013  at Agawam Raceway, Reggie Cole set the new Pro Stock/Econo E.T. record @ 10.522 pass. He also set the new mph record @ 54.81 on 3/30/2013.. All records were backed up within 1% on the day of the event. 

07-Feb-13 Dragster/Econo Records

On 12/7/19 at OCR Tony reset the the Dragster/Econo record with a .9397 pass. That pass reset the previous record set on 2/9/19 at OCR by Wil B. of .9493. Vinnie Sr. reset the dragster/econo mph to 60.23 on 10/12/19 at OCR. Jason Lizardi's previous mph record of 57.39 was on 3/30/2013 at Agawam Raceway. All records were backed up within 1% on the day of the event.